Tera The Throat Gagging Teen

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Tera is still in school but as she says she hasn’t got much more to learn. This leaves her load of time to participate in her favourite activity, sex. She loves the feel of cock down her neck but this throat gagging teen isn’t too good with thicker cocks.

She tries and keeps getting bigger and bigger lads to help her out and by the end she always manages to get the cock past her tonsils. This time the throat gagging teen went a bit too far ahead of herself. She barely got half his thick cock down her neck before she was choking on cock.

She had to change position several times before lying on her back he was finally balls deep. After that she tried other positions again and this time even managed to be face fucked without too many problems though her eyes did water. He gave her a shock at the end by holding her head as he came in her mouth leaving tears streaking down her face and her coughing badly. You can see Tera the throat gagging teen at Young throats.

Bella Gets Her Throat Drilled

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Bella is a hot throat gagging teen that likes nothing more than getting cock down her neck as far as possible. What’s more she is a submissive slut that likes to be forced into doing it. This is too well known around school and the lads there know it’s just a matter of time till it’s their turn.

For today she had picked a football player thinking he may be happy treating her harsh and she didn’t even need to tell him what to do. As soon as he walked through the door and saw her naked he was ready, stripping off for her and shoving his already hard cock in her mouth.

He fucked her face as she lay on her back and got in balls deep. When she asked him to be rougher he was happy to oblige making her hold her ankles and as an after thought he grabbed her ankles and pulled her even further onto his cock impaling her. He sat her down in the end and covered her face in cum. You can see this teen swallow cock at Young Throats.

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Flick is a gymnast who loves sex of all kinds She is a slim teen throat machine that loves nothing more than having her face fucked at full speed and is so supple she can get into sex positions most women wouldn’t even think about. She also loves doing all this for the camera.

She shows off a lot of good positions such as bending over backwards before her boyfriend joins in sticking his cock down her neck. She takes it all even when she is held there and is gagging on cock and he just loves grabbing her head to make sure she can’t breathe.

She also holds her ankles so has no control over how deep he goes though he is kind enough to let her rest if she pukes. This extreme teen blowjob usually lasts for at least 30 minutes where she gets as much fun out of having her throat fucked as he does doing it. You can see Flick the Teen swallowing cock at Young Throats.

Teenager April Naked And Throat Fucked

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When April comes home from school there’s only one thing she wants to do, strip off ready for her boyfriend. Today she wanted to give him something special for his birthday so she had been learning to give a deepthroat blowjob, something he had always asked her to try.

He came over and she was ready for him, she stripped him off and stuck his cock in her mouth. She was taking quite a lot of it but stopped him going too far then she sat down and told him he could go as far as he wanted. She lay on her back on the bed and opened her mouth for him.

He fucked her face hard and was really enjoying himself till she started dribbling down her own face. He got her to lie on her front then with her hands holding her ankles and fucked her throat till she was cock gagging. After that she gave him a blowjob till he was ready then he came on her face. You can see April the gagging teen at Young Throats.

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Silvia is an out and out slut even at her tender age. She admits she likes nothing better than sex and likes it rough. She tempts boys by wearing pig tails, short skirts and revealing tops then invites them back to her place for sex, there are no shortage of volunteers.

Once at her place she is fast to strip off and flash her pussy to them before taking their clothes off. The first thing she does to warm them up is give them a blowjob. She’ll get as much cock down her neck as possible then lie on her back and invite them to try and get more cock down her throat.

Sg’e let them fuck her face then before turning over to grab her own ankles knowing she now has no control over how deep or hard the face fucking will be. Most men take advantage to throat fuck her hard and that’s what this submissive teen likes best. She’ll kneel down then and let them decide whether to cum in her mouth or leave cum on her face. You can see Silvia at Young Throats along with other teen gagging whores.

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Chloe may only just be a teenager but she has a different guy every night. This is down to being known for letting them fuck her throat as hard as they want and actually enjoying it. She was naked when her friend turned up and stripped him off fast and started sucking cock.

He knew what to do and grabbed her head as he started to fuck her throat. This cock gagging teen was moaning in pleasure as he slid in and out of her throat and moved to the bed with her head hanging down so he had better access to her. He fucked her hard but it still wasn’t enough.

She turned over and grabbed her ankles and let him go as fast as he wanted till the teen gagging had her puking. She sat up then to swallow his cock some more till he put his hand on her head to force her lower then he was ready. He blew his load and left cum in her mouth and over her face before leaving her messy and smiling. You can find more teen swallowing vids at Young Throats.

Gagging Teen Jude Made To Swallow

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Jude looks so innocent, she even has teddies on her bed and does actually play with them but she is also a slut in the bedroom. She likes nothing more than being submissive and when she’s horny she invites a different friend aroud each time with orders to do what he wants to her.

The guys have got this now and have made a plan to see how far they can push her so when one gets a call he goes over there planning to ruin her night. He starts off getting a teen blowjob from her then when she’s not expecting it he pushes full force making her gag on cock as it goes down her neck. This has less effect on her than he thought though as she just carries on sucking.

She grabs her ankles and lets him fuck her face at any speed he wants. He can’t believe his luck seeing this teen swallowing his whole cock and keeps thrusting away until he’s ready. In one last attempt he gets her to sit on the floor and cums in her mouth and leaves some on her face. She smiles after this so he knows he has failed. You can find Jude and many other teens giving brutal blowjobs at Young Throats.

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Isabelle looks stunning in her blue miniskirt and yellow top and she knows it. There’s nothing that turns her on more than knowing all the guys are watching her and when she gets home she loves thinking about the way she has turned them on. Today she managed to get herself horny thinking about it and is soon on the bed stripping off and playing with herself.

She has no trouble getting men who are happy to be there for her so she calls one but this time he knows she is just using him so wants to teach her a lesson. The gentle sucking is turned into a brutal blowjob as he grabs her head but instead of hurting her she actually seems to like it. He can’t believe his luck as she takes his whole cock down her neck and doesn’t resist as he fucks her face.

He forces his cock down her throat then makes her suck his balls before laying her down to get a better angle. His hand on her head makes sure she can’t move away and when she is sitting still he leaces this cock gagging teen cum covered. Expecting her turn she was dissappointed as her walked out and left her even hornier than when he had arrived. You can see more teen deepthroat videos at Young Throats.

Blonde Teen Devon Throat Gagging

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Devon looks stunning in her pink top and shorts, as if butter wouldn’t melt but people who know her know what she’s like when she’s horny. This young stunner may look like an angel but once she’s horny there’s nothing she won’t try. Once she has a man naked with her she likes nothing better than a throatfuck. In this scene she is playing around in her bedroom when the need takes her so she calls over her boyfriend and strips down naked for him.

By the time he gets there she is already wet and can’t wait to get started. As soon as he’s naked she has his cock in her mouth giving him the brutal blowjobs he knew he would be getting. This teen gagging on cock gets him stiff within secondsĀ  so she climbs onto the bed on all fours and lets him fuck her face.

She lies on her front grabbing her ankles and opens her mouth leaving him in total charge of how far he rams his cock past her tonsils and that’s an easy one for most men, all of it. She lies on her back then with her head hanging over the edge of the bed to give him better access and he fucks her throat some more before leaving this teen cum covered. You can see more of Devon and other teens throat fucked at Young Throats.

Gema Finishes Her Exercises To Become A Gagging Teen

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Gema had just finished her exercises and stripped off when her other half walks in. Seeing her sweaty and naked got him hard almost instantly and she couldn’t pass up the chance of a throat gagging blowjob. She sucks his cock slowly getting him ready before taking it all down her neck. This turns her on but she prefers him to be in command so she lies on the bed and grabs her ankles.

Mouth open she tells him to fuck her throat as hard as he wants, the harder the better. No man would pass up this chance so he gives her a throat fucking as hard as he could. As good as she is this teen gagging so much she has tears running down her face, tries to back off. He grabs her head to keep her there and shoves his cock past her tonsils and leaves it there.

Once she’s proved she can take it he lets her go, lies her on th bed and does pressups with his cock in her mouth before allowing her to take charge again and to control the throat fuck. She sucks his cock until he’s ready then sits down to take a face full of come. You can see more of Gema and other teens facefucked at Young Throats.

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